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Where do ideas come from? How do you keep up the flow of ideas? Do you ever wish you could think of things to make or figure out how to make  something you saw?
Can you exercise that creative part of your brain?

Yes. It’s not hard to do.

Begin a journalling practice. Every time you make something, or style  something, or take a shot of something, write about it. Doodle about it. Print off any pictures and insert them into the journal and write around it. Document the experience from the time the idea struck you to the end of the  thread.

This is called documenting Your Process.

‘Process’ is a key word, a key artistic concept. It’s the story of how the piece  came to be.

The inspiration.
What you used.
How you did it.
How you felt about it when you finished.

This is how I teach in the classroom. It makes the experience of creating that  much richer, and it keeps the flow going.
We call it ‘Reflective Writing’.

Here is my most recent example of what I wrote about; how an idea to make  something developed:

“ I look at things very deeply. I have four pieces of wood, about 18” long and 3’  in diameter, cut from a deadfall branch. these pieces had seams spit down the  sides on some of them in various widths.
There is no bark on these pieces of wood. they are grayed from weathering and  they are smooth to the touch. I do love the feel of the wood and I did not want to  burn them in the fireplace.
There are vestiges of branches as well. I began to think of them as sculptures  and wondered what I could do with open seams.
My mind started to wander to the beach and pebbles, and then it came into  focus. When we go see my grandkids at Thanksgiving, I will take them to the beach, we’ll collect pebbles of all sizes, and insert them into the seams of the  wood. And they will become sculptures.”

That is my idea process. The next installment in my journal will be the written  reflection of our experience at the beach, and then back at home making the  sculptures.
Another Process, another journal entry.

You can also make journal entries about the ideas and inspiration you get from  looking at other makers work. Look at as much art making as you can, on  Pinterest or Instagram or museum websites. Think of then as little art trips. You will find that ideas just start to multiply and you now know how to keep that  Creative Flow going!

Go make something!